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UAMS Regional Programs

UAMS Regional Programs coordinates efforts to improve the lives of Arkansans through increased access to quality health care and health education. UAMS Regional Programs is composed of the Regional Centers and the Center for Rural Health. Use the links below to learn more about the support the UAMS Regional Programs offers to different groups in Arkansas.

For Students

UAMS Regional Programs has a number of initiatives in place to help students learn and pursue a health care career. These activities start in junior high and high school, continue through college and into medical school or other graduate programs.

For Hospitals

UAMS Regional Programs is aware that rural hospitals and medical facilities face unique challenges. To help meet these challenges, UAMS Regional Programs offers services to help educate physicians about the advantages of working in community hospitals and provides training and continuing medical education for health care practitioners currently working in rural areas through the Rural Hospital Program.


For Health Care Professionals

Regional Programs works to help health care professionals in rural areas succeed. This includes making use of emerging technologies to provide multiple medical education and consulting efforts, as well as helping to connect qualified individuals with job opportunities across the state.

For Community Members

The backbone of the UAMS Regional Programs efforts is improving community members’ health. To this end, UAMS Regional Programs works to increase the number of local health care providers, help train and educate health care professionals already in the community and provide health education and other services to community members.